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Electronic Payment Systems

In the past, cash, checks and credit cards were the primary methods that consumers and businesses used to make payments. Now they have a much wider variety of options, including smart cards, mobile banking and other electronic payment systems. Along with these new systems come new challenges and new concerns.

At Aldrich & Bonnefin, PLC*, our lawyers can overcome these challenges and address these concerns. We represent financial institutions that want to incorporate new electronic payment systems into their business services. We make certain our clients are protected when venturing into this new territory.

Guidance During the Implementation of Electronic Payment Systems

Our lawyers can assist in determining how these new systems will be implemented. If a financial institution is going to work with a third-party vendor to offer a particular product, we can help with the negotiation of the contract.

We can address how Check 21 and all other relevant laws apply to the new system. We address any related security issues and assist with the development or revision of policies based on the implementation of electronic payment systems.

Guidance From Experienced Attorneys Serving the Financial Industry

Since 1985, our law firm has been providing legal services to banks, credit unions, savings associations and money transmitters, as well as other businesses that fall within the financial industry. Our clients trust us to help them handle electronic payment system issues.

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