Firm Overview

Serving California’s Financial Institutions Since 1985

There is a reason why commercial banking businesses and other financial institutions throughout California turn to Aldrich & Bonnefin, PLC*. They turn to us for our in-depth legal services and knowledgeable legal counsel tailored to the needs of the financial services industry.

Dedicated to Commercial Banking Businesses and Financial Institutions

Our dedication is evident in the accolades we have received, such as being listed in Los Angeles Magazine’s Top Southern California Lawyers. Our dedication also comes through in our relationship with the California Bankers Association (CBA), for which members of our team have served as instructors, speakers and committee members. Frequently, our team members are enlisted to testify as expert witnesses in cases that involve this area of the law.

Members of our legal team have served as in-house counsel to banks and other financial institutions. We have seen the benefits that in-house counsel can offer, and we have the experience to deliver those benefits in a cost-effective manner.

We Know the Financial Industry

Our commitment to the body of law that applies to businesses in the financial industry allows us to stay abreast of industry trends, as well as the legal, economic and policy issues facing our clients. We maintain the level of knowledge necessary to help our clients achieve their goals.

Contact Us for a Thorough Review of Your Legal Issue

Our lawyers are prepared to delve into legal issues that range from simple compliance questions to the highest levels of complexity. Call our law firm in Irvine at 949-474-1944 or send us an email to receive a prompt response.

* Janet Bonnefin is retired from the practice of law with the firm.